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1996 – 1999

European ESPRIT Long Term Basic Research Project CREWS 21.903
(Cooperative Requirements Engineering with Scenarios)

International basic research project on the use of scenarios and use cases for requirements engineering processes. Developed and evaluated methods and tools for cooperative scenario-based requirements elicitation and validation.

Played leading role in one research group which developed a tool-supported requirements traceability approach to integrate multimedia field study material with conceptual modelling techniques. Created PhD-thesis on research results.

Also responsible for financial and organizational project administration (management and accounting of funds for all international partners, coordination of financial and scientific progress reports, organization of international meetings and conference appearances (e.g. tutorials, reviews etc.), website (http://sunsite.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/CREWS/) and technical reports management.


1996 – 1998 

Working Group of German Computer Society: State-of-the-Art in Scenario-Based Software Engineering in Germany and Swiss

Qualitative research and publication on the usage of scenarios and use cases in industrial practice in Germany and Swiss.


1992 – 2000

Long Term Research PRIME (PRocess Integrated Modeling Environments)
funded by the German National Research Foundation (DFG)

LT research on process-adaptable and integrated CASE tool architectures in team of four researchers.

Developed several revisions of the PRIME Prototype: 400 kloc C++, approx. 30 MY, portable between Windows NT and Sun Solaris, distributed, three-tier, and component-based architecture.

Played leading role in conceptual design, evaluator and decision maker for all technologies, definition (and driving) of implementation process as well as documents, versioning, and configuration.

PRIME served as an implementation environment for several research projects, four PhD theses, and one professorial habilitation in the areas of process-centred environments, requirements traceability, scenario-based RE, and chemical process engineering.


1992 – 1995

European ESPRIT Long Term Basic Research Project NATURE 6353

(Novel Approaches to Theories in Requirements Engineering)

International basic research project on representation and traceability of requirements with process-centered CASE tool environments. Created master’s thesis on project results: "Structuring and Integrating Informal Knowledge into Requirements Engineering Documents Utilizing Hypertext."


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