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The following presentations will be shown in a separate web browser window (MS Internet Explorer recommended) when you click on the icon. The slides contain animations! To get to the next animation step, click into the slide frame. The arrows icons below and the left bar of contents allow you to get to the next slide and to navigate between slides.

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"Requirements Engineering with Interrelated Conceptual Models and Real World Scenes"

P. Haumer

Presentation of Ph.D. Thesis, RWTH Aachen, LS Informatik V, 2000.

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"Scenario Usage in System Development: A Report on Current Practice"

K. Weidenhaupt, K. Pohl, M. Jarke, P. Haumer

IEEE Software, Mar. 1998, pp. 33-45.
presented by K. Pohl at Int'l. Conference on Requirements Engineering, 1998, (ICRE '98).



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